Nibiru Planet X 2nd Sun UPDATE

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Nibiru Planet X 2nd Sun UPDATE IMPORTANT with Pics !!


Yes A Update On Nibiru Planet X 2nd Sun orbit Position and URANUS crash explained. 

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YES !! For the Nibiru viewers who only want to see bogus pictures, and for those who have woke up, and KNOW that we are the ONLY Nibiru 2nd Sun

We Bring you something for all. First for the slow in the head who ONLY want bogus pics. as NIBIRU Is not in these Pictures, but it will keep you happy, and you can pretend they are. Followed by Proper Second Sun Nibiru calculations Orbit updates, Re Calculated and co ordinates, and answer is it PLANET 9 the media cover story...

 FAKE Nibiru by sun for the idiots

THERE YOU Go.. Now for the Grown Ups Lets Get To serious Stuff.

Proper Second Sun Nibiru calculations Orbit updates, Re Calculated and co ordinates, and answer is it PLANET 9 the media cover story. I Spoke with Roberto about the Uranus Comment and its Crash !! And he advised "It should of been knocked out of its orbit as per Crops advise" "This told me we must be a few degrees out, and so now have the position closer" I shall give you a full report" Of which we now have so sit tight and be amazed. 

Planet 9 v Planet X Nibiru Report

Planet 9 v Planet X Mass Orbits and more

URANUS Planet X updates 2016


So Be Patient Uranus WILL be smashed of its orbit all in good time, be patient !! and FORGET any Pics by SUN Videos we now know Its always night side at the moment, and NOT Close enough. Now lets move on to some Pictures (proper ones ) and something  which People are NOT Spotting ! But us sharper than Razors HAVE !!

1st This Planet 9 is it Planet X stuff ?
Do NOT be a fool, YOU Should read between the lines 


Clue 1. Suddenly They realize A bright Spark "Roberto" Has Calculated Solar System orbits shifted. And suddenly 2 Guys playing finger games discover a Planet 9 which they say is so VERY FAR OUT to not be a problem, YET This NONE Problem Planet HAS already Shifted the Sun ? Oh Come on Guys HOW dumb are you ?

We are experts at spotting bullshit and this smells like a big pile of it !! INDEED We Feel they are watching us, so do NOT be Surprised if we are killed in a painful way ! and Silenced, If So well you know we was right.

Not Many Spot Earths clues , Just have a look at the last 1 weeks earthquakes, Ignore the small 2 ones but 4 and above and MOSTLY of Concern is the Depth !! The Depth of these Earthquakes is the Earths Concern, Mag 2 earthquakes along the first few miles is NORMAL, But what we are seeing is some very DEEP Activity, NOT GoodSee Below Hundreds of Miles in Inner Earth Shaking .

Planet X Nibiru EARTHQUAKE Monitoring

Finally Something which ITALY Needs to be aware, have a Look at this Volcano which has been inactive Thousands of years !! They are noting This year Steam and Terrain Expansion ,this thing is coming back to Life ?  So many signs now on Earth, The show is well and truly underway, HOLD ON TIGHT Its going to get Bumpy !

ITALY Silent Killer waits and Grows 2016

Nibiru Planet X 2nd Sun IMPORTANT UPDATE 2016