WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED

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WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED Connecting the clues PIECES FIT.

We go in to this email leak and show and give our opinions, WHY he held them so long ? WHY DUMP THEM NOW so many points about it, i think many missed, For serious Researchers

NOTE; date shown should read 21st July 2017 not 2107 thanks ..


Wikileaks Drops OLD Info ? Title of Info is Chinese and says "The iceberg dissolves rapidly" John NWO Kerry Does a Mystery Trip To Antarctica ? So WHY would Kerry Go in Person ? I have NOT seen "ANYONE " Connect it yet ?  WHY NOT ?

I have seen the Initial Most Likely Reasons.

1. To See Nibiru approach
2. To See Check the underground base
3. A secret meeting with the Aliens.

They in my opinion are all way to simple.  Let us go through the facts again and answer each of the simple folks answers..

WHY They make NO Sense ..

1. Nibiru can be seen by the Vaticans Telescopes
NO NEED TO Freeze your butt if your that high in
the Chain..
2. If a secret base was where Kerry was heading
he would not be broadcasting going there, but just
get Military Ride down on the QT.
3. If he is on such good meeting terms the coldest
hardest place to get to, would NOT be selected.

So SEE The dilemma ? Now again people , start from scratch, let us see the pics Wikileaks had.

 WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED

WHY SEND THE PICTURES ? Why were they HELD Until NOW ??

Well Since 2013 Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd sun Has been nearing and having a effect on Earth ALL Pictures SHOW If you noticed ? Melting Ice !! NOT Made up Pictures Genuine ones.. Plenty of running water. Plenty of dry land. That was then . NOTICE Also Our Leaders have  a PUBLIC No Fly , No Go Exclusion zone down there ? WHY ?


Well seeings as YOU Asked ! I shall tell you, save you all that THINKING Time leaving you free to watch TV and swish your fancy phones and stuff. If You have been getting the BIG Hints Warnings we have supplied for years ! You will have spotted how recently EARTH Has flipped its lid. Solar orbits Moved, Suns weird etc, Earthquakes in strange locations,and getting far deeper ! NOT GOOD For Earth .

WHAT Kerry and others wanted to witness !! My own opinion on why the trips is simple, words Got back to top "White EvilHouse" That earth is cracking down their. Its heating up at such a vast rate and the inner earth is showing signs down there.

Thats why they are NOW hiding so much of what was Public information data feeds and such. And Yes again the points connect to a single Culprit..

Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun its Approach..

 WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED

They obviously know as we have for ages. Its Final Arrival date of Sun impact 21st July 2017 . And most likely surprised that this far out "ALREADY" the impact is being felt on Earth.. Those Clever subscribers will "KNOW" ALL You new subscribers better go back through our  Planet X Videos or check our websites. OVER 10 Hours of REAL info to divulge ! And get up to speed.

I would hazard a best guess. and say from the activity that we can see ! The knowledge base on Planet X the Signs witnessed on Earth and in Space we hold. The Earth down in Antarctica is splitting and spewing and showing signs "SO Major" That the TOP People ARE Concerned !!

BUT !! Hey what do we know ? We are just conspiracy Theorists who thought 911 was a inside job !


WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED