Bodysnatchers The Worlds mini warning VIDEO

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Invasion of Bodysnatchers The Worlds mini warning VIDEO

This little mini video film is worth a watch as its becoming more and more apparent People in general are getting thicker sicker day by day.  WHY is this?  Have you spotted it, have a look around watch people what they say and do and what they feel is important, is just so crazy that SOMETHING is going on?  is it deliberate is it all planned , i mean lets be honest how could you control smart people? Smart people would not do half of what this new messed up generation does. Its a decline in decency, in Moral standards and way more. Ignoring the Gay is cool push on TV magazines and if you say anything YOUR the one with problem etc.  Its so obvious ALL this is done for a reason for the future.

WHAT is the reason?  This is the unknown, along with HOW are THEY the REAL leaders NOT the puppets you see on TV with the Trump Show the Brexit Show and such, How are they doing this well watch both this version. and you must go ahead and source the Classic "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers"  and it will give you a definate Reason to wonder as you see all the NEW Masts and Towers and cloud seeding going on..


TOP Version - via youtube feed.


This version INHOUSE (in case the above gets striked as its heavily censored subject)


Bodysnatchers The Worlds mini warning VIDEO

2 Bodysnatchers The Worlds mini warning VIDEO