EARTH BRAIN ZAPPING 5g Phones Crank the Power

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SECRET EARTH BRAIN ZAPPING 5g Phones Crank the Power


So You watch earth , watch the sky, watch and look for further clues, as we experts do. You get the equipment and you WAIT.  You Watch and watch.

Along come the days of chemtrails , after none for months. You do some checks and things seem pretty much normal.

Then you spot the sky change !  Seen before and these come and go, IF YOU are Noticing?

Lucky as we spot everything, So SIT BACK & Get EDUCATED  As I show the findings. & You will wonder no more , why, so many people have headaches and other illnesses .



As you will see the indoor Wireless Internet sender and bluetooth devices only throw out some small power, yet outside which everyone assumes is safe and all is well, is so full of harmful "invisible" RF power, this is NOT a joke any longer, when are the people who live for having a mobile strapped to there bodies 24/7 going to wake up?  why are they not seeing the tactical create a desire to have the latest swishy swashing new phone, so as to enable them to further increase the plan to damage everyones brains and bodies, look around how many Cancer victioms do you know of? Headaches illnesses and so much more, and still the people are NOT Connecting the clues.

The video we produced the classic humorous with clear hints and tips "Invasion of the World" a must watch film, showed and gave the clues, this video confirms and shows that this is more likely a reality..

See Below and watch the video for real time, as indoors and outdoors are checked, see and remember the signs in the clouds, when they are running at that visible a power, you know the systems ARE being zapped up in output.

AND YOU Wonder why people are getting dumber and dumber day by day? and Cancers are running rife etc,?   Wonder no more ..


Somethings to Consider?

1.  Would you be happy to strap a Internet Modem Wi Fi box to your head?  NO course not as YOU can see it and know about it.  YET Outside what you do not see is all fine and dandy to you.

2. This mass RF Intrusion can ONLY Come from 2 big places.   Space or Earth ?

If It is Earth then the cleverly placed disguised Phone Towers are the Most likely Source, if its Space then why are we NOT warned?  Big Trouble whichever way you look at this.


Modern cell tower power amplifiers output (verb) anything between 20 and 60 Watt. Cell phones today usually peak at 125 mW (UMTS/HS*PA/LTE).

Interesting BUT Have you ever seen one of these Power Generators which drives the Towers?  These and the Cabling is INDUSTRIAL Heavy Duty Gauge, NOT Your thin 60 watt stuff.  A Clue was there yet again.

Electric sky shows Power





EARTH BRAIN ZAPPING 5g Phones Crank the Power